Lawn Care



Majestic Lawn and Landscaping has a variety of lawn care services.


Your contract or ours, one year or multiple years.
We at Majestic lawn and landscaping can and will maintain your business in every way.
Weekly mowing, Shrub trimming, Mulching, Fertilizing/Weed control and everything that comes with making your business property and landscaping healthy, beautiful and maintained!

- weekly lawn mowing for the year - holiday lawn mowing - vacation lawn mowing - new lawn grass seeding -

- spot grass seeding - yard overseeding - aerating(allows air/water to the roots for a better lawn)

- thatching(tears out the thatch layer between grass and soil "build up of dead grass, ect.."
which allows more air and water and nutrients to grass roots.)

- fertilizing -
( full service = spring, summer, fall) or (single = when ever you would like it)
(applications we do = fertilizer, weed and grab grass, grub control)

- small excavating - laying sod - and more......