We install standard systems off the main line too, your choice.

Simple Irrigation Systems are really the exact same system used for any
irrigation system except for one part.
Our low cost system will run right off of your outdoor water spicket!
High cost systems will be tapped into your main water plumbing and will
have a high priced electronic controller to run it.
The choice is yours, spend big bucks on theirs or spend half on ours!!

We run the main water line under ground from the sprinklers
to where ever your outdoor water spicket is located. Located ground level, under
the spicket will be a water source hook up. A short hose will go from a special device
that screws on the water spicket down to the sprinklers water source hookup. Its a completly
removable hose and device so that you can still use your spicket for other reasons.
The device shown is how it works....

Different types to meet your needs, mechanical or battery operated, little to no work for you!
Different types of sprinklers and setups! Call today!!!!!